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Fox News '3 Mexican Countries' flub draws mockery, a little payback from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

On Sunday morning's Fox & Friends, co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Ed Henry poked fun at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for saying Friday that Congress passed the 22nd Amendment to prevent President Franklin Roosevelt from seeking a fifth term — in fact, Congress approved it two years after FDR's death, in response to his truncated four-term presidency. But then Fox & Friends posted a chyron saying President Trump was seeking to cut off aid to "3 Mexican Countries," not three Central American nations, and Ocasio-Cortez got the last laugh.

Henry apologized after what he called the "inaccurate graphic onscreen" went viral, saying "we apologize for the error — it never should've happened." But Ocasio-Cortez wasn't the only person mocking Fox News. A common critique was that the mistake apparently reflected how Fox News views Latin Americans — all the same — and there were also gibes that the network might want to hire a more diverse staff and concerns about Fox News' quality control. At CNN, media critic Brian Stelter was momentarily speechless, but tied it to larger concerns about the strange coziness between Fox News and Trump.

This is a good reminder that we all make mistakes, and maybe it's best to mock carefully lest ye be mocked.