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Trump allegedly rigged up a 'supercharged' golf cart so he can race ahead to cheat

Yankee great Mickey Mantle once said "he who has the fastest golf cart never has a bad lie," a truism President Trump, apparently, has taken to heart. In a hilarious new book, Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, author Rick Reilly, citing Mantle, claims Trump's cheating is so excessive that he has a "supercharged" golf cart "rigged to go twice as fast as the rest" so he can scooter ahead and reposition his ball after a bad drive.

Greg Puga, a caddy who spoke with Reilly, confirmed that Trump "makes sure to hit first off every tee box and then jumps in the cart, so he's halfway down the fairway before the other three are done driving. That way he can get up there quick and mess with his ball." Puga provided Reilly with a particularly amusing anecdote about one game he played with Trump:

So this one time — we were on the 18th — [Trump] hits first, kind of blocks it right, and jumps in his cart and starts driving away. My guy pures one right down the middle. I mean, I SAW it go right down the middle. One of his best drives of the day. But by the time we get to my guy's ball, it's not there. We can't find it anywhere. And Trump is now ON the green already putting! Where's our ball? And then Trump starts yelling back at us, "Hey guys! I made a birdie!" He's holding up his ball and celebrating. And that's when we realized. He stole our ball! He got up here early, hit OUR ball, and then hurried up and pretended like he made the putt for a birdie. I mean, what the hell?" [Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, via Golf.com]

Amazingly, there are plenty more stories just like that one. Commander in Cheat is available to order here.