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White House bafflingly claims Trump actually said 'oringes,' not 'oranges'

President Trump didn't mistakenly say "oranges" when he meant to say "origins." The White House wants Americans to be clear about that.

Of course, he didn't say "origins," either — the proof is in the tapes. No, what he really said was the heretofore unbeknownst word, "oringes," according to White House transcripts.

While speaking to reporters in the Oval Office alongside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday, Trump said that he hopes people take a look at the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, but as the video below shows, the president flubbed the word multiple times.

Mispronunciation-gate — or maybe it should be "wrong word-gate" — spread quickly on social media and on TV, but the White House went another route. Mediaite reports that the official transcript of the meeting, produced by White House communications staffers, replaces "oranges" by swapping out a vowel. Instead, the transcript reads "oringes," which doesn't seem much better than mentioning a fruit. But admitting the mistake is always the first step.