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Prosecutors say they'll release video of Robert Kraft allegedly paying for sex

It's getting more likely that the public will see video evidence of Robert Kraft's alleged involvement in a Florida sex trafficking ring.

The New England Patriots owner was arrested in February on charges of soliciting a prostitute at a Florida spa where women were kept in "sexual servitude." Prosecutors have maintained that they have video proof of his involvement, and in court documents obtained by The Boston Globe, they said they'll release it to the public and the media now.

Prosecutors aren't intending to release the police surveillance video as part of Kraft's case, in which he has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor solicitation charges. Instead, his video will be released in the prosecution of Lei Wang, the spa's alleged owner, the Globe reports. Prosecutors say they "cannot delay the release of" videos of Kraft and 24 other men all charged in the sting, citing the Public Records Act and saying the men can't be allowed to "raise a constitutional challenge to the release."

Wang's attorney has asked for the videos to remain private as her criminal case unfolds. Likewise, in a hearing last week, Kraft's lawyer questioned the relevance of showing the footage and said it would "destroy" the prospect of a fair trial. If what prosecutors are correctly characterizing what's on the tape, "it's basically pornography," the lawyer said, meaning the public doesn't need to see it. Still, prosecutors said they'll release the pixelated videos unless a judge rules otherwise. Read more at The Boston Globe.