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Morning Joe joked Trump would take credit for the Red Sox's wins. Then he really did.

President Trump has continually blasted MSNBC's Morning Joe, recently nicknaming host Joe Scarborough "Morning Psycho." But a tweet from him on Monday sure seemed to be inspired by one of the show's segments.

On Monday's Morning Joe, The Associated Press' Jonathan Lemire said of the Red Sox that "all they've done is won since visiting the Oval Office," joking, "so we're looking forward to the tweet from the president taking credit," reports Raw Story.

That joke quickly became reality when Trump essentially did exactly that, even using similar phrasing as Lemire when he tweeted that "all the Boston @RedSox have done is WIN since coming to the White House!"

Naturally, Morning Joe was quick to respond, with Lemire saying, "Whether the president got that idea from us or not, I give us a little credit for anticipating what he would do here, and there's nothing more that Donald Trump likes to do than take credit for someone else's success."

Scarborough, though, wasn't willing to concede it could be a coincidence, saying, "What do you mean 'whether'? He watches this show! You know he watches this show." Watch Morning Joe's response to Trump taking their joke all too seriously below. Brendan Morrow