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Iran's foreign minister is using a hand-drawn map to explain why America's drone was shot down

Iran's foreign minister has cobbled together an interesting explanation of Thursday's drone hit.

Iran's paramilitary Islamic Republican Guard Corps shot down a U.S. drone on Thursday morning, but the two countries have since argued over the type of drone and where it was flying. So in an attempt to explain Iran's side of the story, its Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has appeared to draw out — or at least hand label — a map of the area and tweet it out.

By America's account, Iran shot down the drone in international airspace, CNN reports. But according to Zarif's map and the accompanying screenshot from Google, the U.S. drone was in "stealth mode and violated Iranian airspace."

President Trump originally responded to the strike with a Thursday tweet saying "Iran made a very big mistake," and clarified by telling reporters that he finds it "hard to believe [the strike] was intentional." Zarif's explanation, on the other hand, suggests the move was purposeful. Regardless, the move has further inflamed tensions between Iran and the U.S. amid a streak of attacks on oil tankers around the Strait of Hormuz.