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Everywhere the USWNT partied after their World Cup win

The U.S. Women's National Team are FIFA world champions, and they're not trying to hide it. Here's everywhere the women celebrated after their Sunday World Cup win, starting with some on-field confetti angels that doubled as a post-game rest.

Next up, the women returned to the locker room for more confetti and silly string, and donned ski goggles to protect themselves from champagne spray.

That night, co-captain and President Trump's most recent nemesis Megan Rapinoe hopped on a table to shower her teammates with more champagne at a bar in Lyon, France.

On Monday, the women returned to the states to find firetrucks ready to douse their incoming plane — and they promptly had a mini-celebration as soon as they got off it.

That was followed by a pool party in New York City, and then a yacht cruise on the Hudson River. And on Wednesday, the team's ticker tape parade in New York City brought out more champagne and even some fresh dance moves:

Perhaps the women's team will get another parade — or at least another party — once the U.S. Soccer Federation addresses their gender discrimination lawsuit.