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2020 Democratic debates

Elizabeth Warren can't contain her delight at the idea of John Delaney paying her wealth tax

If you want to see Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) break out into a genuine grin, just tell her a millionaire is going to have to pay more in taxes.

During Tuesday night's CNN Democratic debate in Detroit, moderator Don Lemon posed a question to former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, regarding his fortune. "Your estimated net worth is more than $65 million," he said. "That would make you subject to Sen. Warren's proposed wealth tax on the assets of the richest 75,000 households or so in the United States. Do you think Sen. Warren's wealth tax is a fair way to fund child care and education?"

It is anyone's guess what he said in response, because all eyes were on Warren. Just the idea of Delaney forking over more money to the IRS caused Warren to rub her hands together in glee, as she likely mentally noted how many student loans could be wiped out with his contribution. Catherine Garcia