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Tinder wants you to find love in a simulated apocalypse

Get ready to swipe for your life.

Tinder has realized its users are running out of ways to continue conversations with people they've never even met. So it's getting ready to plunge swipers into an apocalyptic choose-your-own-adventure miniseries that leaves them with matches — and things to talk about — once they've made it through, The New York Times reports.

Swipe Night, as the 4-episode series is called, puts users in the middle of an apocalyptic world that challenges them to figure out who they want to spend the last night of the world with. They'll swipe left and right through a series of choices to survive and create a love story along the way, per CNBC. Those choices eventually connect them with romantic matches, who they're encouraged to talk about the adventure with.

The series is the product of 23-year-old director Karena Evans, who's behind some of Drake's music videos. It also includes writers from Netflix's Big Mouth and HBO's Insecure and a diverse group of actors in an effort to appeal to Tinder's target 18-to-25 age range. Swipe Night comes as Tinder fights a growing set of online dating competitors, including Facebook's dating feature that rolled out last month. It also acknowledges the fact that users might rather fight a pack of zombies than deign to answer another unoriginal "hey."