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Trump's dreary U.N. speech seemingly put Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to sleep

Counting President Trump's mentions of China is just like counting sheep for Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Trump's speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday was uncharacteristically dulcet, with the president speaking in a complete monotone as he lambasted a handful of other countries. And as CNBC and several camera angles revealed, it was enough to put Ross to sleep for about half of Trump's 35-minute speech.

Ross' Tuesday performance is nothing new. The 81-year-old has reportedly been falling asleep at meetings since he took office, and, worse yet, usually ends up drooling. Fox News hosts, on the other hand, disagreed with Ross' review. Kathryn Krawczyk

UPDATE SEPT 25, 9 A.M. ET: Ross responded with the following: "I wear hearing aids and, during President Trump’s inspiring speech, which covered in detail the entire range of significant issues facing the world, was concentrating on what was being said." He then detailed his forthcoming schedule of U.N. meetings and worldwide travel.