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Donald Trump Jr. walks offstage after being heckled at book event — by conservatives

The author of Triggered appears to have been triggered.

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, went to the University of California Los Angeles for an event promoting his new book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. Trump Jr. actually silenced himself, as he refused to take questions from the audience, which led to conservatives heckling him until he finally just walked offstage after 20 minutes.

The crowd was told that "due to time constraints," there wouldn't be a question and answer session during the two-hour event. This didn't sit well with a group of young conservatives who believe the "Trump administration has been taken captive by a cabal of internationalists, free-traders, and apologists for mass immigration," The Guardian reports. They shouted, "Q&A! Q&A!" but Trump Jr. rebuffed them, saying if he took questions, his responses would be turned into soundbites and used against him.

The heckling continued, and not long after Guilfoyle chastised the audience members for being "rude and disruptive," she walked offstage, along with Trump Jr. At least he now has material for his follow-up book, Donald Trump Jr.'s Guide to Safe Spaces.