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Fox News guest: 'Why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job here'

It's been a hectic few hours for Fox News' Tucker Carlson.

First, Carlson on Monday evening said he was rooting for Russia in its conflict with Ukraine before walking it back. Then a Fox News guest, Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Michael Blake, was asked Tuesday by anchor Bill Hemmer to respond to Carlson's theory that former First Lady Michelle Obama might be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020. Blake, though, didn't seem too interested in answering that question (for what it's worth, he did briefly say an Obama run is "not going to happen.")

Instead, Blake wanted to figure out "why the hell" Carlson was still employed by the network, especially in light of Carlson calling white supremacy a hoax. Hemmer tried to steer Blake back toward the Obama conversation, but not before his guest repeated his assertion that Carlson should be out of a job. Tim O'Donnell