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Rudy Giuliani received multiple calls from Trump's OMB this year — some just minutes after he'd talked with Lev Parnas

Rudy Giuliani probably can't explain this one away with a butt dial.

Throughout 2019, President Trump's lawyer — who doesn't have a White House job — received multiple calls from the White House's Office of Management and Budget, phone records obtained by the House Intelligence Committee reveal. It's unclear exactly who from the office was calling Giuliani in the specified cases, but the calls did come noticeably close to Giuliani's other communications surrounding Ukraine.

Several calls from the White House and the OMB to Giuliani happened on April 12, 23, and 24, the phone records show, with one OMB call on the 24th lasting more than 13 minutes. And on either side on most of those calls, records show Giuliani received calls from or called Lev Parnas, one of the two indicted operatives he sent to Ukraine to dig up damaging information on the Bidens.

Giuliani received another 13-minute call from the OMB months later, on August 8. He spent several hours calling and texting back and forth with a White House number and the White House situation room, as well as an unknown number, the phone records show.

All of this happened just a day after Ambassador Kurt Volker texted Giuliani about his recent meeting with Ukrainian presidential aide Andriy Yermak and a "visit" they discussed. Volker then received a text from Yermak about a potential "meeting date" — a subject on which Volker said he asked Giuliani to "weigh in."