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Jimmy Fallon sings 'Memory' with Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and other Cats cast members

If you know one song from the musical Cats, it's probably the one Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed on Wednesday's Tonight Show, eschewing a pit orchestra for classroom instruments. But the Tonight Show classroom performance space was too small for the cast members from the movie Cats who joined them mid-song — and especially for Jennifer Hudson's voice. Preceding Hudson in this stripped-down version of "Memory" are Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Francesca Hayward, and Fallon's fellow late night host James Corden. They are not, sadly, dressed up as cats.

If you are excited to watch Cats in its opening weekend, you probably aren't as excited as Brie Larson, who used her guest-hosting spot on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live to dub the controversial cat-human hybrid musical extravaganza her top story of an otherwise notable day. "And oh yeah, the president just got impeached," she added. "Poor Jimmy. He's been talking about this for like, I don't know, 70 years. And I guest-host for one night and boom! President's impeached. Interesting. What can I say? I guess women just get sh-t done." You can watch her thoughts on Cats — and what she would be willing to do to be added to the movie at the last minute — below. Peter Weber