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Elizabeth Warren tells Jimmy Kimmel a coronavirus epidemic is a bad time for a president 'who believes in magic'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), it may not surprise you to learn, has a plan for dealing with the coronavirus epidemic, and she laid out some planks on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. They include free testing and, eventually, vaccinations for all Americans, among other "things that make all of us safer," she said. "We need to at least minimize both the health consequences and the economic consequences."

"But Donald Trump says everybody's getting better, everything's getting better," Kimmel noted dryly. Warren agreed that Trump is saying that, "but this really is about leadership, and it's why when serious problems come, you can't just have a guy who believes in magic as the president of the United States." And "the things he says about himself, he must believe in magic," she added.

Warren suggested she's not too disappointed former rivals Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Pete Buttigieg endorsed Joe Biden, not her, shrugging that "everybody sees this differently." Kimmel pointed to former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. "It seems like you don't like him that much," he noted. "True," Warren said. "But it's not personal. It's just everything about him."

Kimmel said that in conversations he's had, Democratic voters are struggling between voting for who they want to be president and who they think is most likely to beat President Trump. "So I think, No. 1, is you have to vote for the person you think will make the best president of the United States, period," Warren said. "But I also believe those things don't diverge, that over time, as more comes out about people, the person who will make the best president is also the person who's got the best chance of beating Donald Trump."

Warren took a thinly veiled shot at Biden, saying instead of aiming to "go back to the way things were before," we have "this amazing opportunity in 2020 to fix a lot of what's been broken for a long time in this country." She said she does have a running mate in mind but won't tell who, and suggested Super Tuesday won't determine whether she stays in the race. Watch below. Peter Weber