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James Bond movie No Time to Die delayed 7 months over the coronavirus

James Bond fans will have much more time to wait for the next film, which just got a massive delay due to the coronavirus.

No Time to Die, the highly-anticipated new Bond movie, on Wednesday was pushed seven months because of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, with its planned U.S. release of April 10 moving all the way until November. This move was taken after "careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace," the Bond Twitter account announced.

Earlier this week, the popular Bond fan site MI6-HQ.com had publicly called for a delay of the film, in an open letter saying that "with the coronavirus reaching pandemic status, it is time to put public health above marketing release schedules and the cost of canceling publicity events." The movie is now scheduled to release in the United States on Nov. 25. Previously, the film's publicity tours in China, South Korea, and Japan had been canceled, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

Analysts have suggested that as movie theaters close in markets that typically contribute heavily to a film's worldwide box office haul, especially China, the film industry is facing a loss of at least $5 billion over the coronavirus. Now, all eyes turn to Mulan, which Disney is scheduled to release later this month and had been expected to perform well in China. Adweek's Jason Lynch noted on Wednesday that No Time to Die is "the first major theatrical release to shift as a result of coronavirus - but it probably won't be the last."