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Poll finds opposition to reopening 8 kinds of businesses — especially movie theaters

Most Americans aren't on board with reopening businesses like movie theaters, gyms, and dine-in restaurants just yet, a new poll has found.

In a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll released Tuesday, Americans were asked if they believed eight kinds of businesses should be allowed to open in their state, and a majority said no to all eight. This includes 74 percent who said dine-in restaurants shouldn't reopen, 78 percent who said gyms shouldn't reopen, and 82 percent who said movie theaters shouldn't reopen. "Opposition to opening businesses is just about as high in the states that have loosened restrictions so far as states with stricter restrictions," the Post writes.

Additionally, 70 percent of respondents opposed reopening gun stores, 74 percent opposed reopening nail salons, 69 percent opposed reopening barbershops and hair salons, 66 percent opposed reopening retail shops like clothing stores, and 59 percent opposed reopening golf courses. Movie theaters drew the highest percentage of Americans opposed to their reopening.

This comes as many states have allowed some nonessential businesses to begin resuming operations. But the poll also found many Americans don't feel comfortable returning to some of them just yet, as 78 percent said they'd be uncomfortable going out to eat at a restaurant right now. According to the Post, "People in states with looser restrictions report similar levels of discomfort as those in states with stricter rules."

The Washington Post-University of Maryland poll was conducted by speaking to a random national sample of 1,005 U.S. adults over the phone from April 28 to May 3, although the questions about businesses reopening used a random half-sample of respondents with a margin of error of 5 percent. Read the full results at The Washington Post.