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'pure heart and sincere intentions'

Novak Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19

Tennis champion Novak Djokovic has tested positive for COVID-19.

Djokovic announced his diagnosis on Tuesday, after recently organizing a tennis exhibition in Serbia and Croatia, reports The Associated Press. He said he isn't showing symptoms, and his wife has tested positive as well, though his children tested negative. He plans to self-isolate for 14 days and said he'll be tested again in five days.

"Everything we did in the past month, we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions," Djokovic said in a statement. "Our tournament meant to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region."

The controversial Adria Tour's final that Djokovic was scheduled to play in was canceled after Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for coronavirus, and two other players, Viktor Troicki and Borna Coric, tested positive as well. Social distancing was not observed at the matches, AP reports.

"We organized the tournament at the moment when the virus has weakened, believing that the conditions for hosting the tour had been met," Djokovic said. "Unfortunately, this virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope and live with."

Djokovic was criticized earlier this year for saying he is "opposed to vaccination" and "wouldn't want to be forced by someone to take" a COVID-19 vaccine before traveling when one becomes available.

"But if it becomes compulsory, what will happen? I will have to make a decision," he said, per The New York Times. "I have my own thoughts about the matter, and whether those thoughts will change at some point, I don't know."