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Trump has pretty much eliminated daily intelligence briefings. Biden has already started receiving them.

Joe Biden may not hold public office, but he still may be getting more intelligence briefings than President Trump.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has already started receiving briefings from the United States intelligence community, with the idea that if he wins the election in November, he'll already have been in the loop for a few months. But Biden has started receiving briefings while, simultaneously, Trump has drastically reduced the number of daily briefings he's getting.

It's not clear how often Biden is receiving these briefings, but even one weekly briefing would mean he's getting filled in more often than Trump is lately, according to a HuffPost report.

Trump has reportedly long been disinterested in daily intelligence briefings, but HuffPost actually sat down and analyzed how often he receives them. It turns out, he's never had more than 20 in a month, which Ned Price, a former CIA analyst and National Security Council spokesperson during the Obama administration, called "remarkable."

The peak occurred in March 2017, when the president averaged 4.1 briefings per week, but that figure has reportedly plummeted to 0.7 per week since July 1. And the one he received Monday was the first since July 22, which Price argues is concerning given reports of foreign interference in U.S. elections and tensions with China. Read more at HuffPost.