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Bipartisan Senate committee 'had significant challenges' understanding Carter Page's activities in Moscow

The Senate Intelligence Committee apparently had trouble getting useful information out of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who despite keeping "meticulous records" of his daily routines, couldn't "recall any details of his trips to Moscow" while he was working for the campaign in the lead up to the 2016 election.

During a 6.5 hour interview with the bipartisan committee, Page reportedly gave "avoidant" and "meandering" answers to basic questions. He also couldn't remember the names of senior Russian officials with whom he met, even though he apparently used "his engagements with them to build his credentials within the campaign."

Additionally, while the report acknowledged significant errors with the FISA applications that allowed the FBI to surveil Page, it did conclude the bureau was justified in launching counterintelligence in the first place because of Page's ties to Russian intelligence.

The committee's report did not find any evidence that the Trump campaign, including Page, colluded with the Kremlin on its 2016 election interference operation.