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Trump is feeling 'down,' starting to 'see this slip away' from him, CNN's Dana Bash reports

President Trump lost ground in the Upper Midwest on Wednesday as ballots were counted in Democratic strongholds in Michigan and Wisconsin — both of which were called for Democrat Joe Biden — plus Pennsylvania and Georgia. Trump narrowed Biden's lead in Arizona and Nevada, but Pennsylvania alone would make Biden president-elect.

"The president is down — obviously tired, which is understandable, but not feeling all that great, despite the public bluster that we've seen and heard from his campaign, from his children — that the president is seeing what's happening," Dana Bash reported on CNN Wednesday night, citing a person familiar with Trump's feelings. "He is seeing that in some of these key states that will determine whether he is president or not, his lead is shrinking. ... And the sense from the source that I spoke to is that the president is starting to see this slip away. That's the mood of the president. Now, could that change like this with changes in the vote?" she asked, snapping. "Of course."

CNN also reports that Trump is frustrated that his legal challenges appear to be going nowhere. The president spent his day "angrily calling these Republican governors but casting doubt on the legal strategy that he has told his own aides to pursue," CNN's Kaitlin Collins reported from the White House. "And of course if you talk to the campaign aides who are working on this, some of them obviously do not believe some of these lawsuits will be successful."

Biden's team, meanwhile, is "still projecting confidence about his standing" in Arizona, and "still remain confident" about winning Pennsylvania, CNN's Arlette Saenz reported from Delaware.