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Late Night tackles the Trump-Biden transition

Late night hosts agree it's time to 'Operation Warp Speed President Trump's concession speech'

"Well, it's been four days now, and I think we need to Operation Warp Speed President Trump's concession speech," Jimmy Fallon said on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "What a time this is: the president has gone from firing people on reality TV to denying the reality that he's fired." Seriously, he said, "even the creators of The Walking Dead are like, 'Enough, already.'"

"But he's not just tweeting — Trump's campaign is trying to challenge the election in court," Fallon said. "Yep, they've filed lawsuit after lawsuit, and let's see how that's going."

"So far, the Republicans are goose egg for 10 in every lawsuit they have brought," Stephen Colbert detailed on The Late Show. "The Republican Party is backing the president, not because they believe his conspiracy theories, but because they're afraid of making him mad, because they need his base," he said. "Should our entire political system be arranged to salve the wounded feelings of the guy who lost?"

"This afternoon we explored the downside of humoring the president," Colbert said, courtesy of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other administration officials recklessly "indulging the president's beautiful dark twisted fantasies."

"If it was just Trump's personal delusion that he won the election, it might not matter so much, but he's got a lot of people who are right there with him," Trevor Noah said at The Daily Show. "Now, what's really weird is that Fox has already projected Biden as the winner of the election, right? But then Fox are also the same people denying that he won the election. Like, which one is it? It's like when your dog wants to play fetch but then refuses to let go of the ball."

"Whether these people believe what they're saying or they're just pretending to believe it, it's terrifying" that "Republicans with actual power" are going along with Trump "weakining trust in American democracy," for so little gain, Noah said. "That's like burning down your house just to make s'mores."

"The POTUS refuses to go-tus," but "I'm less disgusted with our toddler-in-chief throwing his oatmeal at the wall than I am with the Republican congresspeople who are going along with this," Jimmy Kimmel agreed at Kimmel Live. "It's very strange. We're basically ignoring the president of the United States like he's a crazy guy on a subway platform. He's ranting and raving, we just raise the volume on our AirPods and hope he doesn't shove us into an oncoming train." Watch below. Peter Weber