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Giuliani's raving press conference spread a conspiracy theory he's not even attempting to argue in court

In court, Rudy Giuliani is making a far-fetched argument in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election. But the case he made in a ranting, raving Thursday press conference was even more absurd.

Giuliani, the former New York City mayor turned lawyer for President Trump, is among the loudest voices alleging widespread voter fraud won the presidency for Joe Biden — something every top election official in the country has shot down. He repeated those claims in a very sweaty press conference Thursday, claiming there was "not a singular voter fraud in one state," but a "pattern" of it across the U.S.

Among other provably false claims, Giuliani alleged many American votes are actually being counted overseas, and that voting machines are rigged by companies allied with Venezuela's socialist leaders. Giuliani said he had "hundreds" of affidavits from witnesses making his case, but only waved one of them from his lectern far away from reporters, and said he couldn't actually show them the rest. Another Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis, meanwhile told reporters that asking for evidence was a "fundamentally flawed" request, as Trump's legal team hadn't had a chance to prove its case in court yet.

But as Reuters' Brad Heath notes, Giuliani's claims of rigged voting machines and overseas vote counting don't even appear in the court cases the Trump campaign has levied. In fact, as Giuliani appeared in a Pennsylvania court on Tuesday to claim Trump's legal observers didn't get to watch enough of the vote count there, he admitted "this is not a fraud case."