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Trump outruns congressional subpoenas for his tax records — at least until after he leaves office

President Trump has outlasted congressional Democrats' demands for his tax and financial records.

In an unsigned order issued Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit decided it wouldn't rule in a case regarding whether Trump can hide his records from Congress, sending it back to a lower court. Congressional Democrats have already said they'll subpoena Trump again — but not before he leaves office and a new Congress comes into power, The Washington Post reports.

When Democrats took hold of the House two years ago, the House Oversight Committee issued subpoenas for Trump's business and personal financial records from his accounting firm, Mazars USA. Trump's lawsuit to stop Mazars from releasing the documents went to the Supreme Court, which ruled in July to send the case back down to the appeals court. That three-person panel meanwhile decided against issuing a ruling itself on Wednesday, and likewise sent the case down to a lower court.

The appeals court provided no hints into its opinion on the case, writing that "we express no view as to whether this case will become moot when the subpoena expires or as to the merits of the parties’ arguments." It did note that the Democrats plan to reissue their subpoena to Mazars once this one expires. But the lower judge will have to decide if those subpoenas are valid under circumstances that could totally change once Trump leaves office and is no longer a public official.

Manhattan's District Attorney Cy Vance is also trying to access Trump's financial records, reportedly hiring forensic accountants Tuesday to aid his investigation.