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Trump administration to reportedly recommend states open up vaccinations for everyone over 65

As the United States' COVID-19 vaccination efforts get off to a slow start, the Trump administration will reportedly issue some key new guidelines to states.

The federal government is set to make "three big changes" to its COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, Axios reported on Tuesday, citing an administration official. The first will be recommending states "open the vaccination process to everyone older than 65 and to adults of all ages who have a pre-existing condition that puts them at greater risk for serious infection," Axios reports.

Additionally, Axios reports the Trump administration will seek to expand the venues where Americans can receive vaccinations. Finally, the government will recommend no longer holding back doses to ensure all Americans can receive a second shot, according to Axios. President-elect Joe Biden's transition previously announced plans to release almost all available vaccine doses.

News of the recommendations was confirmed by Bloomberg and The Associated Press. They come amid a slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the U.S., as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 9 million Americans have received a dose of a coronavirus vaccine, according to The New York Times. The Trump administration's goal was for 20 million Americans to receive a vaccine dose by the end of 2020.