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McConnell reportedly believes Trump committed impeachable offenses

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has told associates he believes President Trump's actions related to last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol are an impeachable offense, The New York Times reports. And while he was ready to shoot down the House's first Trump impeachment last year, this time around he's reportedly happy the Democrats are moving forward.

It isn't clear whether McConnell will actually vote to convict Trump, who he reportedly does not intend on speaking with again, but it does suggest he views a second impeachment trial — regardless of the outcome — as a way to weaken the outgoing president and "purge" him from the Republican Party. In addition to his anger about the riot, McConnell also evidently blames Trump for costing the GOP its Senate majority for at least the next two years after the Democrats picked up both Georgia seats last week.

McConnell has indicated he won't bring the Senate back from recess until Jan. 19, which means an impeachment trial would almost certainly stretch into President-elect Joe Biden's term, but the revelations from the Times hint he's open to that possibility. Biden reportedly called McConnell on Monday and asked if the upper chamber would be able to juggle holding a trial and confirming his Cabinet nominees, officials briefed on the matter told the Times. McConnell reportedly said that was a question for the Senate parliamentarian, but added that he would get Biden an answer as quickly as possible. Read more at The New York Times.