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It wasn't all bad

10-year-old shows gratitude to hospital staff by cleaning their cars during a snowstorm

Bundled up in his warmest winter gear, Christian Stone set off on Monday with one mission: to clean as many cars as possible in the Westerly Hospital parking lot.

Stone, 10, lives in Westerly, Rhode Island, and thought that he could show his appreciation for health care workers by removing snow and ice from their cars, so they could easily go home after a long day at the hospital. "I was thinking they've been helping us a lot through this whole pandemic, and I figured why don't we help them, you know?" Stone told WJAR.

Accompanied by family friend Abbey Meeker, Stone arrived at the hospital at 2 p.m., and over the next several hours, as the temperature dropped and the snow kept falling, they cleaned 80 cars. Stone said some doctors and nurses offered to pay them, but he was adamant that this was a free service. "I'm just really happy to see them happy," Stone told WJAR.