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Grimes is ready to die on Mars

Maybe Grimes and Elon Musk really were made for each other.

The musician revealed on Instagram she is "Ready to die with the red dirt of mars beneath my feet," as she posed in baby-daddy Musk's "Starbase, Texas," the Daily Mail reported. Musk has made his desire to colonize mars well known, claiming his company, SpaceX, will land humans there by 2026.

Grimes previously said traveling to Mars is one of her main goals, and judging by this new statement, she wants to stay there. But she isn't expecting a peaceful retirement home on the red planet. In a YouTube Live Chat, she revealed she wants to move to Mars after age 50, and thinks she would most likely do manual labor until she dies. "But hopefully that can change," she added.

Both parents are on board, but no word yet on how little X Æ A-12 feels about the big move.