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Elon Musk's tweets spur authorities to serve search warrant on Tesla crash data

Elon Musk's tweets regarding the Tesla car crash may be raising more questions about the accident than they're answering.

Authorities are investigating a fatal weekend crash in Spring, Texas, involving a Tesla vehicle that apparently had no driver. Musk, the CEO/Technoking of Tesla, stated in a Monday night tweet that the company had already ruled out the use of the autopilot system via data logs recovered from the accident.

But Harris County Constable Precinct 4's Mark Herman told Reuters that Tesla has not informed him of any data relevant to the accident. "If he is tweeting that out, if he has already pulled the data, he hasn't told us that," said Herman. "We will eagerly wait for that data."

Immediately before the crash, Musk tweeted accident data stating that Tesla's Autopilot feature makes its vehicles 10 times less likely to be involved in an accident than the average vehicle. After the accident, Musk tweeted that Autopilot relies on roads with lane lines, which were missing from the road where the accident took place.

Musk's tweets have previously gotten him and Tesla into some hot water, and this latest tweet has apparently sparked a search warrant. Reuters reports that Texas police will follow up on his Twitter claims by serving search warrants to secure the data from Tesla.