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Live from New York

Chris Rock, SNL cast recap the year's craziness in cold open of season finale

The cold open of Saturday Night Live's season 46 finale was a little different than usual, with the entire cast (and Chris Rock) appearing as themselves to reminisce about the craziness of the past year.

Rock, who hosted the season premiere last fall, tried to sum it all up. "I hosted the first episode this season and that feels like six years ago," he said. "Here's how messed up the world was when I hosted. I wanted Kanye West to be the musical guest. And he couldn't do it because he was running for president. Remember that? Also the week I was here, the sitting president, who said [COVID-19] would disappear, got COVID! That was this season."

Longtime cast member Kate McKinnon got the last word in. "As someone who played Rudy Giuliani and experienced the year through his eyes, I can tell you: it was one wild ride, baby," she said, before the gang gathered for one last chorus of "Live from New York ..."