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Late night hosts joke about 'zero malarkeys' Biden's Peter Doocy insult comedy

President Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch" after Doocy asked an inane question Monday. "Hey, listen, if Biden's next three years are going to be 'Grandpa at Thanksgiving,' sign me up," Jimmy Fallon joked on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "All the networks were reporting on the exchange, but I saw that the far-right network OAN accidentally added insult to injury for Peter Doocy," he added. "'Peter Douchy'? Biden was like, 'Thanks, I'll have to use that one tomorrow.'"

Yup, "Old Joey's back" and "giving zero malarkeys," The Late Show's Stephen Colbert said in Biden aviators. Biden's comment about Doocy is being described "as a 'hot mic,'" he added, but "he's at a press conference in front of a bunch of reporters talking into the same microphone he's been using the entire time."

"Later that night, Biden did something I forgot presidents could do, he apologized," Colbert said. Look, "it's never appropriate for a president of the United States to have a potty mouth. But it's especially egregious to call Peter Doocy a 'son of a bitch.' We did some fact-checking, and he's actually the son of Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy. So if anything, he's the son of a deuce — a real deuce bag, if you will."

The Late Show also suggested Fox News — Steve Doocy and the other Fox & Friends in particular — seemed unusually upset over Biden's remark.

A lot of people are "dunking on" Doocy, "saying that he deserved this because he's just some Fox News guy asking a dumb question — and they're right," it was a stupid question, Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show. But there are also "many people who are saying that this shows that Biden and Trump treat the press with the same level of animosity, and I'm sorry guys, no, I can't accept that" that level of disrespect — to Trump. "Biden dropped one offhanded dis on a reporter, he's no legend," Noah deadpanned. "Attacking the press was Donald Trump's whole thing."

A new "list of the most talked-about politicians online" puts Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on top, followed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and, five spots later, Trump, Jimmy Kimmel laughed on Kimmel Live. "Wow, good thing Trump doesn't care about polls and ratings and publicity and stuff like that." He also noted that Fox News has resorted to yelling about comedians doing impressions of Fox News hosts.