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Susan Collins: 'Growing optimism' about bipartisan infrastructure deal

A bipartisan group of 21 senators is inching closer toward completing its proposal for a federal infrastructure plan, and Sen. Collins (R-Maine) is hopeful they'll produce something that will make all sides happy, even as doubts remain and debates continue, Politico reports.

"There's a sense of growing optimism that perhaps we can show our country and the world that we can come together on something that makes a real difference in people's lives," Collins, a member of the bipartisan group, told Politico on Monday.

That doesn't mean a deal is close to being reached, and it's unclear if other lawmakers are taking the same glass-half-full approach as Collins, but there could be a momentum shift soon if the upper chamber is intrigued at all by what the bipartisan group has to offer in terms of pay-fors. The senators have reportedly made some progress on their spending strategy and sent a four-page breakdown of where the funds will come from around Capitol Hill, though it's still subject to change. Read more at Politico.