The release of Hillary Clinton's much-anticipated memoir, Hard Choices, means we'll get to hear the question, "Are you going to run for president?" in dozens of different ways over the next few weeks.

Each time, Clinton will respectfully swat the question aside, saying it is yet another hard choice she'll have to make sometime next year.

But it's very clear this book launch is the beginning of her 2016 presidential campaign.

Let's look at the facts:

1. As First Read notes, the lack of news in her book is the news. "There aren't any scores she seems intent on settling. It is a stark contrast to the Bob Gates memoir, who seemed to be more comfortable talking about what happened behind the scenes. Clinton is clearly holding back."

2. Clinton has done nothing to dissuade the "Ready for Hillary" Super PAC from raising money and enlisting big name Democrats to support the cause.

3. The Wall Street Journal reports that Democratic strategist Robby Mook, "who is considered a possible Clinton campaign manager in 2016," has been meeting with top Clinton aides to discuss electoral vote strategies.

4. Chris Cillizza points out that serious people are endorsing her. There's no way this would happen without private indications that she's running.

Sure, there's a chance Clinton could still bow out. But this book tour is more an organizing tool for a possible presidential campaign than anything else.