As Hillary Clinton mulls another run for president in 2016 and gears up for a national book tour next month, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows what a dominant political figure she's become.

An astonishing 55 percent of survey respondents — a clear majority — say they support Clinton making a White House bid. That's remarkable considering our fiercely polarized politics.

Though a formal announcement and the scrutiny that comes with it will almost certainly bring down her numbers, Clinton starts off with a commanding head start.

It's no wonder no Democrats have stepped up to challenge her in a possible Democratic primary. It would seem to be a political suicide mission.

Interestingly, having Bill Clinton at her side has also never been more positive. His favorable-unfavorable rating stands at 63 percent to 32 percent— the highest it has been since his presidency ended nearly 15 years ago.

Just as President Obama found in 2012, having Bill Clinton on the campaign trail can be a big asset for any presidential candidate.

Obama benefited tremendously by the excitement of the possibility that America could elect its first black president. African-Americans came out in record numbers in 2008 to make that possibility a reality.

But at this rate, the excitement of elevating a woman to the most powerful office in the land might dwarf the excitement of the 2008 campaign several times over.