On Monday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart weighed in on President Obama's big speech last Friday laying out his proposed reforms for the National Security Agency. He wasn't overly impressed.

Obama had such a hard task in assuring Americans that their privacy concerns are being met while also not upsetting the spy agencies that know everything about everyone, Stewart said, that he opted to "talk so long and boringly that people stop listening."

Stewart continued to critique Obama's speech until he decided to give the president some credit for at least making an effort to re-gain America's trust. Until Obama said that he plans to enact his reforms with the help of Congress, that is. "So we're never doing this," Jon concludes. The segment ends with Stewart pronouncing that in another 40 years, an alien president will pardon Edward Snowden for stealing the documents that started this whole debate:

Stewart shifted effortlessly from the serious to the absurd. This year's Super Bowl will be between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, hailing from the two states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. That makes this year's (probably artificial) shortage of Velveeta and (soon) bacon particularly dicey. If you like bacon, you may want to skip this bit — Stewart appears to be on a quest to make American give up its favorite pig product: