Above is a photo of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning snapping a big happy selfie sandwiched between British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama during Nelson Mandela's memorial service, held today in Johannesburg, South Africa.

There is much to discuss in this photo. Note how Michelle Obama's attitude matches the somber nature of the occasion, while her husband and his pals are giving off a first-time-at-the-prom vibe. Also note the president's very questionable lower-lip bite (maybe he just really wants a new smartphone?), which is perhaps unbefitting of the leader of the free world. That is to say nothing of David Cameron's awkward lean-in.

The photo even found its way onto the notable shaming Tumblr "Selfies Taken at Funerals," with the caption, "Our work here is done."

It's technically a memorial service, not a funeral, but point taken. Is this the most dubious selfie of the year?