On Wednesday, Jon Stewart delivered another night of commentary on "Hurricane Scandy, the continuing tropical sh--storm that is rocking the Obama administration." And while Stewart's Daily Show monologue was not as substantive as Monday night's takedown, it packed some tough punches.

If Obama ordered the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups or subpoenaing of AP phone records, "that is Nixonian," Stewart says. And if Obama found out about them through news reports, as he claims, that means "the president's inner Magoo is being revealed — it's Magoovian." (For what it's worth, Eric Kingsbury documents at The New Republic how every president since Gerald Ford has been compared unfavorably to Richard Nixon.)

But it's all bad for Obama, and "every critic suddenly has credibility," Stewart says. "Who wouldn't have the standing to be able to legitimately criticize this president?" Luckily for Stewart and his legions of liberal fans, he finds two people who, Stewart says, have absolutely no right to cast aspersions on Obama. Watch above.

Here, in the first part of Stewart's monologue, he concedes that Obama's conservative critics are right to be outraged — then takes an extended detour to gratuitously burn Donald Trump: