Good week for:

Infallible tweets, after Pope Benedict XVI unveiled his personal Twitter account, @Pontifex, which instantly gained more than 475,000 followers. They’re still awaiting his first tweet. 

Making and not taking, after Mitt Romney found a job, rejoining the Marriott hotel chain’s board of directors. Directors of the Mormon-run company are paid $60,000 and given $110,000 in Marriott stock, plus $1,250 for every meeting they attend.

Taking, after Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said that President Obama should use federal funds to bail out the struggling city, which is facing bankruptcy. “Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president,” Watson said, “and there ought to be a quid pro quo.”

Bad week for: 

Waiting to use the toilet, after a new survey found that one out of three people between 18 and 24 use their smartphones in the bathroom to check Facebook and other social media. 

Inflexibility, after a worker at a New Orleans convenience store clamped a metal boot on the tire of an ambulance parked outside. The paramedics were inside treating a customer with chest pains, and had to wait for a new ambulance to go to the hospital. 

King Edward VII Hospital in London, which gave out medical information about the pregnant Kate Middleton when Australian shock jocks made a prank call, pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. “We thought we’d be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents,” said disc jockey Mel Greig.