They came, they blinded, they conquered: Vice President Joe Biden's preternaturally white teeth were an inescapable factor in his Thursday debate showdown with Paul Ryan. Each time the elder statesman grinned and laughed derisively at his rival's "malarkey" — far too often, according to conservative critics — a pearly array that would impress even the grumpiest dentist filled TV screens everywhere, prompting one tweeter to remark, "Biden's teeth are so white, they're voting for Romney. #VPDebate." The media was equally fixated, as this sampling of teeth-centric headlines reveals:

"Joe Biden's Teeth Devour Debate" (Mashable)

"Whether Biden's teeth beat Ryan's hair, the VP debate is a wash for the contest" (The Guardian)

"Biden Bares Teeth in Debate" (Spiegel Online)

"Show of Teeth Spurs a Debate Over Biden" (The New York Times)

"Joe Biden's Teeth Win Vice Presidential Debate!" (Seattle Weekly)