Facebook activism
A new study suggests that social networks like Facebook are more effective at getting people to vote than television ads or phone calls. [Discovery News]

The not-particularly-thirsty
The New York City Board of Health approves a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16-ounces at restaurants, concession stands, and other eateries. [Slate]

Color corrections
SNL announces that actually African-American cast-member Jay Pharaoh will take over as the show's go-to Obama impersonator, releasing Fred Armisen (who's of Venezuelan-German-Japanese extraction) of his duties. [The Daily What]


In its first week of sales, No Easy Day, Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette's firsthand account of the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden, sells more copies than Fifty Shades of Grey. [Death & Taxes]

Being untidy
A photographer obsessively documents actress Amanda Bynes allegedly smoking marijuana in her car, surrounded by junk food wrappers (!) and other debris. [Buzzfeed

Online marketplace eBay unveils its brand new logo — less "spunky," more "corporate" — and faces lukewarm reviews. [Geekosystem]

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