The Democratic National Committee has unveiled a tough new ad portraying Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney as a serial flip-flopper. The movie-trailer style "Mitt vs. Mitt" ad tells "the story of two men trapped in one body," splicing contradictory soundbites from Romney's speeches and TV appearances to portray the former Massachusetts governor as someone who reverses his positions on everything from abortion to President Obama's health-care law. The DNC is airing the 30-second ad in crucial swing states, including Virginia, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and steering viewers to a longer video online (see the longer video below). How badly will this hurt?

This commercial will devastate Romney: The DNC's ad is "sheer genius," says Taylor Marsh at The Moderate Voice. It's "hilarious" to see how shamelessly the formerly moderate Romney will pander to win over the far Right. Each of these snippets reveals "how screwed up the primary process for Republicans" is, as once reasonable moderates are forced to bow at the altar of Reagan to soothe conservatives. Romney was once a solid "cross-over candidate," but he's increasing President Obama's re-election odds with every new policy shift.
"Mitt vs. Mitt, playing in a loop"

Focusing on flip-flopping actually hurts Obama: Everyone knew the Democrats would stoop to this, says Tina Korbe at Hot Air. Still, this new ad "is a bit rich coming from the DNC." Romney's rebuttal against the Democrats' attack is simple. If Romney is "the prince of flip-flops," Obama — with his many reversals and hypocrisies on health care, immigration, education, and Guantanamo — "is the king."
"A preview of what's to come if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee"

If the economy stays down, this attack won't change anything: "Given the extent to which the 'flip-flopper' image harmed both Al Gore and John Kerry," says Jamelle Bouie at The American Prospect, the DNC line of attack certainly could sting. But if the economy remains stuck in the mud, "few people will care that Romney is devoid of core political convictions." They'll just be antsy for a change.
"Mitt vs. Mitt"

Have a look at the DNC's online ad: