The video: Christine O'Donnell, a self-proclaimed "troublemaker," is living up to her name. The Tea Party star, former Senate candidate in Delaware, and media punching bag appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight on Wednesday to promote her book Troublemaker: What it Takes to Make America Great Again. (Watch video below.) The interview quickly curdles after Morgan shows a famous MTV clip from the '90s in which O'Donnell shared her anti-masturbation views — and begins asking her questions like, "Do you still think masturbation is wrong?" When Morgan starts pressing O'Donnell for her views on gay marriage, she balks repeatedly, complaining that Morgan isn't asking her about her book. She calls the baffled interviewer rude before storming prematurely off the set, something Morgan claims has never happened before in his 25-year career.

The reaction: This is an example of the "tragic situation" that O'Donnell now finds herself in, says Tim Stanley at The Telegraph. She can only get on TV if she'll answer embarrassing questions veiled in ridicule. During her interview with Morgan, "this decent human being finally cracked." Actually, says Margaret Hartmann at Jezebel, it's O'Donnell who was out of line. Apparently, the "noted non-witch" was "under the impression that 'interview' means you get to come on a show and simply rattle off talking points for 15 minutes." There was nothing rude about Morgan's line of questioning.  They're both despicable, says David Zurawik at The Baltimore Sun. "Call it mutual exploitation by two low-level pop culture hustlers." The worst part: They both get publicity out of their shameful behavior. See for yourself: