At last, the moment the world has been waiting for: A look at Levi Johnston's book. On Wednesday, Amazon released a cover image for the forthcoming memoir from the father of Bristol Palin's child — Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs. The book itself won't be released until Sept. 27, but the title and cover image alone — the stud dressed in camo in the woods — has ignited a barrage of wisecracks, with delighted observers calling it both "hot" and "hilarious." Here, a sampling of wit:

Having it all
This is "everything I hoped the rumored tell-all's cover would be," says Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky. "Levi looking hot/really baked? Check. Antler imagery? Check. No credit for the ghostwriter who probably tapped this thing out while Levi was clubbing baby seals? Check."

In her sights
"We bet Palin is having a fit that someone has found yet another way to link her name with the word 'crosshairs,'" says Megan Angelo at Business Insider.

"Apparently the puka-shell-necklace-wearing hockey-playing Everydude knows just enough big words to write a book about his travails as a teen dad, the Palins, etc.," says Anna Breslaw at Ology.

"Lo... Under the unforgiving light of Amazon's zoom feature, it appears that Johnston did not even shave for his photo," says Juli Weiner in Vanity Fair.

He's got the look
"On the book's cover, Levi gives the most expressive facial expression he will likely ever give, so good for him for finding something he's good at," says Eliot Glazer at Best Week Ever. "But, we wonder, what is making Levi look so perplexed?"