The video: Donald Trump, the celebrity real estate tycoon and erstwhile GOP presidential frontrunner, is fending off charges that he's racist — charges that are tied to his many attacks on President Obama. Trump defended himself Monday on Fox & Friends, arguing, "I am the least racist person there is." (Watch the video below.) His supporting evidence? Apprentice contestant Randal Pinkett, who is black, won Trump's reality TV show six years ago. "And Randal's been outstanding in every way. So I am the least racist person." Is that really a winning argument?
The reaction: This couldn't be more ridiculous, says Jack Stuef at Wonkette. "Bob Barker gave away brand-new cars and tens of thousands of dollars to black people every day for decades on his game show." Is that really the standard? Well, to be fair, asking someone if they're racist is an "unfortunate and impossible question" to answer, says Tony Pierce at the Los Angeles Times. And I thought Trump handled it well, considering. Wait a minute, says Juli Weiner at Vanity Fair. Don't you think that "the least racist person on Earth would be highly unlikely to find himself in the position of continually having to go on the record and insist that he is not a prejudiced jerk"? See for yourself: