The video: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly had Sarah Palin on his show Friday night to discuss entitlement reform, and he wouldn't take vague generalities for an answer. O'Reilly repeatedly pressed Palin for specifics on how she would tackle Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, until Palin "got testy" and told O'Reilly that it is hard to "get my point across to you if you interrupt." (Watch the clip below.) O'Reilly "backed off a bit after that," notes Politico's Andy Barr.
The reaction: "It's hard to say why it happened," but it sure was fun watching O'Reilly ditch the "the usual softballs" Palin gets at Fox News, says David Neiwert in Crooks And Liars. Does this mean "her free ride at Fox" is almost over? No, "this smells like a setup," says Zandar Versus the Stupid. Fox will push out a couple of "'not-so-softball' interviews" to inoculate itself from accusations that that it's coddling Palin before she steps in the presidential ring. This interview shows she's ready now, says Mark Whittington in Associated Content. In the past, Palin has been "a little flustered" by O'Reilly's interruptions. By "pushing back," she looks tough and prepared. Watch out, Katie Couric.