In the 2012 presidential race, the Republican Party is getting off to a very sluggish start, and that's a real "boon for Obama," says Sam Youngman at The Hill. Possible Republican candidates may think they have good reason to wait before throwing their hats in the ring, but for "the party as a whole," wasted weeks are going by, robbing the eventual GOP nominee of "time on the battlefield" to learn from mistakes. In the meantime, says Youngman, the president has the stage to himself. Here, an excerpt: 

After the midterm defeat, President Obama needed time to rehabilitate himself and reinvent his administration as sympathetic to the wants, needs and anger of the American electorate. Republicans so far have been only too happy to give Obama all the time he needs. ...

"The longer the GOP presidential candidates dither on the sidelines, the more the Tea Partiers in Congress will hog the limelight," said one senior Democratic official. "This dynamic makes it easier for the president to fly above the messy political fights on Capitol Hill and enhance his standing among independents."

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