The video: In a contentious Super Bowl Sunday interview, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly talked to President Obama about everything from Egypt to jobs in America to football — but the president rarely got a chance to elaborate. The website Wonkette has edited down the 15-minute interview into a 3-minute highlight reel that counts every time O'Reilly interrupted the president — a whopping 48 instances. View for yourself, below.
The reaction:
"This is how real journalists do interviews, kids," says Jack Stuef at Wonkette. "Get your opinion across, and then if you have a few spare seconds, the person you’re interviewing can say some words too." Yeah, "that's 3.2 interruptions a minute," says Dennis DiClaudio at Comedy Central. Imagine "going to the trouble of booking the President for your show, traveling down to Washington DC, going through White House security and setting up your cameras and lighting equipment just to not let the guy finish a sentence." Watch and see.