The video: Before the Senate race in her home state of Alaska has even been called, unofficial Tea Party spokesperson Sarah Palin has released a "fun," exuberant new ad called "Together" (view the video below) that celebrates the GOP's election triumph and pays homage to a classic 1984 Ronald Reagan campaign ad. Over images of fireworks, cowboys, and some of Tuesday's Tea-Party-backed winners — Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Sean Duffy, and Susana Martinez — Palin says "this is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in America." Cue roaring bear.
The reaction:
Palin is "essentially claiming credit for the GOP tidal wave" while "putting the establishment GOP on alert," says Glynnis MacNicol at Mediaite. If this reveals anything about her agenda, Republicans have more to fear from such divisive ads than the "(slim) reality" of a Palin presidential run. That's too cynical, says Rebecca Kaplan at National Journal. To me, the ad offers a "surprisingly conciliatory tone, further fueling speculation about her 2012 presidential ambitions." There's no clear message — that's "never been the tea party's, or Palin's, strong suit" says Nitasha Tiku in New York. But it "looks like what happens if you down three Red Bulls and then swallow an American flag." Watch it for yourself: