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Michael Bennet

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Basic Info: Incumbent, appointed in 2009

Age: 45

District attorney of Weld county, CO

Age: 51

  • Voted for health-care reform
  • Favors expansion of solar and wind power
  • Pro choice
  • Wants to repeal health-care bill
  • Called global warming a "hoax"
  • Opposes abortion in almost all cases
Polling At: 48% 49%
Campaign Chest: $764,000 $1 million
Key Quote: "Who's going to go to jail when you criminalize abortion in the case of rape and incest?" "I disagree strongly with the concept of separation of church and state."
Petty Controversy: As Denver school superintendent, convinced education board to raise money through exotic financial deal, which collapsed during credit crisis Angered some supporters by referring to Tea Party birthers as "dumbasses"
Wild card: Colorado is perhaps the "purplest" state in the union--it has swung wildly between Democrats and Republicans in the last twenty years
Dueling Ads: "Ken Buck's Extremes": Bennet argues that Buck is pushing an "extreme" agenda, including privatizing Social Security "Ignore Us": Buck says that grassroots conservatives have raised their voices — but been ignored by D.C. politicians

Michael Bennet's "Ken Buck's Extremes":


Ken Buck's "Ignore Us":

* - "too close to call"