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Barney Frank

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Sean Bielat

Basic Info: Fifteen-term incumbent

Age: 70

Consultant, Marine Corps major

Age: 35

  • Wants to raise taxes on richest Americans
  • Supports repeal of "Don't ask don't tell"
  • Voted for bank bailout
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts for all Americans
  • Says further study is needed on DADT
  • Would have let big banks fail
Polling At: 49% 37%
Campaign Chest: $1.1 million $365,000
Key Quote: "I do not intend to be ambushed by the kind of right-wing smears that assailed John Kerry in 2004." "There are few individuals more responsible [for the financial crisis] than Congressman Frank."
Petty Controversy: Frank's boyfriend James Ready alledgedly heckled Bielat during a media interview Bielat was "outed" as a former Democrat by a local news site
Wild card: After Scott Brown's Senate victory last year, Massachusetts Republicans are feeling newly emboldened.
Dueling Ads: N/A "Banks": This ad argues that "you can bail out regular people or bail out the banks — and Barney chose the banks."

Sean Bielat's "Banks":

* "Fight of his life"